Our focus and activities

The Brain Sciences team at Stremble carries out leading edge research in several core areas of psychiatry, neuroscience, clinical psychology and behavioral and social psychology. The team’s commitment to interdisciplinary pursuits are reflected in exciting new research with a variety of partners from other disciplines, including the biological sciences, advanced analytics, statistics, educational psychology, and coaching.

The team has three primary lines of research:

  • Well-being at the workplace
  • Psychiatric and neurological disorders clinical and multi-omics research

Stress @ workplace

We are currently conducting a survey aiming to shed light to the nature of distress as well as the anti-stress strategies implemented across several industry sectors. For this reason, we are collecting data on levels of psychological distress in the form of depression, anxiety and stress, in professionals in the financial sector (bankers and auditors), health workers (and specifically nurses) and fire fighters.

The study is part of a larger project which aims to:

  • raise awareness on the importance of promoting well-being in the workplace,
  • identify evidence-based cost-effective interventions,
  • facilitate the implementation of tailor-made programs that buffer work-related psychological distress and target its impact at individual and organization levels

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