The Cyprus Genome Project

Human genetic variation is vital for our understanding of the biological differences between populations and the susceptability and response to different diseases. Databases of genetic variants among different populations are maintained around the world to enable medical research. This is the a population-level genetic variation study in the Cypriot population based on the DNA sequencing of 10,000 people in Cyprus.

The genetic variant viewer below provides an integrated way to present databases of genome variants based on mapping to the chromosome, gene and sequence location.

THIS IS A BETA VERSION, next iterations will include additional indels on the whole exome track, annotations with other databases and a FAQ section.

  1. Zoom or pan to get in-view features
  2. Orange and Red bars show the Variant Allele Frequency (VAF)
  3. Blue boxes show SNV and INDEL positions - Click to get INFO

The RefSeq assembly and sequence is maintained by the International Genome Reference Consortium (GRC). The IGV viewer is open-source software available from the Broad Institute (Robinson, JT et al.(2017) Variant Review with the Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV). Cancer Research 77(21) 31-34).